History of our company

Trako Games was born in 2012 as a spin-off idea from its parent company, Sociedad Educacional Edutec Limitada (Edutec Educational society Ltd.) with the aim of designing, developing and producing innovative learning tools to improve the academic achievements of students in the schools managed by the company. The starting point originated in a group of high school students and teachers who were discouraged by conventional teaching methods, but also with great eagerness to provide new ways of teaching and learning according to the new requirements in the classroom, so a digital application was developed that addressed various educational subjects, in line with the official curriculum of the Ministry of Education of Chile.

A multidisciplinary team consisting of music, language and math teachers; engineers, programmers, designers and audiovisual communicators was put together to develop our first game, Trako, la Consagración de los Brujos (Trako, the Consecration of the Warlocks), which teaches the basics of geometry and maths for junior high school levels. The game was developed for Windows PC and is currently used in several* educational establishments, with interesting results**.

We are now finishing work on our second game, Taritá, coming soon to Android and iOS.

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