The Team

Claudio Pardo: Business Administration, Universidad de Chile. Master in Business Management and Direction. CEO, EDUTEC Educational Society Ltd. Founder of Trako Games.

Víctor Riquelme: Finance Engineering, Instituto de Estudios Bancarios, Chile. Chief of Innovation and Risk Management, Edutec Ltd. Director of Innovation at Trako Games.

Cristian Reyes: Computer Science Engineering, Universidad de Santiago, Chile. Chief of Technology and Comunications EDUTEC Ltd. Director of Programming at Trako Games.

Felipe Aballay: Industrial Design, Universidad de Chile. Director of Art and Design at Trako Games.

Pamela Riquelme: Digital Audiovisual Communications, Universidad Santo Tomás, Chile. Script and Production Manager.

Esteban Venegas: Telecommunications technician, Instituto Tecnológico San Mateo, Chile. Currently studying Computer Science and Management, Universidad Diego Portales, Chile. 3D Modeling and resource optimization Manager.

Brandon Avendaño: Telecommunications technician, Instituto Tecnológico San Mateo, Chile. 3D Modeling.

Francisco Lobos: Telecommunications technician, Instituto Tecnológico San Mateo, Chile. Currently studying Computer Science at INACAP Institute, Chile. Textures and 2D elements.

Pablo Pizarro: Industrial Designer, Universidad de Chile. 3D Modeling and Object textures.

Dennisse Moris: Integral Designer, Instituto Profesional de Chile. Designer and Illustrator.

Francisco Carmona: System Analyst, IPCC, Chile. IT Analyst, game developer.

Yerko Cáceres: Computer Science, UDLA, Chile. IT Analyst, game developer.

Sebastián Rivas: Computer Science student, Universidad Tecnológica de Chile. IT Analyst, game developer.

Andrea Rodríguez: Chief, Department of Sales and International Affairs at Trako Games.

Ángel Vilches: Sales executive.

Jacqueline Riquelme: Sales executive.

Juan Cristóbal Tomic: International Affairs and Sales executive.

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