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Easter Island


Videogame - Android / iOS - English - Primary Education

Taritá is a mobile game for Android and iOS devices. The main character is a Moai named Taritá who must recover the most precious treasures of Easter Island, which have been stolen by the greedy treasure hunter, Sir Nicholas.

While advancing through the levels you will be able to learn english words from various basic concepts: Animals, weather, clothes, colors, toys, body parts, numbers and school supplies.

During the different stages you will find power-ups that will help you successfully recover the stolen objects. Complete the missions and review your results in the statistics screen, where you can check your mistakes and then correct them, learning english words in the process.

Do not waste time - great surprises await you! Help Taritá to recover the treasures by joining him on his adventures along the beach, forests, mountains and more!

Taritá is already available for FREE on the Play Store and very soon also on the App Store!

Teaser trailer:


Key features

  • Thematic areas of English vocabulary to learn while playing
  • Customizable content
  • 80 words to learn

System requirements:

Android: Mid-range unit or better with dual core processor, 512 MB RAM and 80 MB of available storage space.

iPhone: iPhone 4 or above.

iPad: 2nd generation or higher.



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